Saturday, March 15, 2008

Madeline Powell and the Cactus Cuties

Watch five minutes of any American Idol episode and you'll get why this video is so amazing. Madeline Powell and her four friends aren't even all out of elementary school yet and have more harmonizing talent than many new artists topping the charts .

No lip-synching, no instruments, no electronic pitch-corrections. Just raw, make-the-hair-on-your-neck-stand-up talent. The group of five call themselves the Cactus Cuties and include Andi Kitten (11), Baylee Barrett (13), Madeline Powell (8), Tatum Lowe (11), and Blaire Elbert (10). I wish them all the best of luck. They will surely rise to stardom with their video out on YouTube. Hope they get to remain kids, too :)

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Nancy said...

Flys in the face of those that say the younger generation is not patriotic. Their rendition gave me goosebumps and warmed my heart. Good to see them getting airplay at a time when our country needs to pull together. Thanks for sharing.

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