Monday, May 18, 2009

The Perfect 3-mile Run

Its one week before the Bolder Boulder, the big 10k race that takes place in Boulder every Memorial Day. Its a super fun race for both beginners (me) and seasoned athletes (not me). I run really slow. I mean, REALLY slow. I probably run slower most people walk. The best part about running slow is you get to see EVERYTHING.

There is this wonderful, 3-mile loop around my neighborhood that is my favorite "baseline" run (a run I'll do when I'm not training for anything). I ran it this morning and thought I'd share some pics.

I usually have to run by a few residential blocks and then I hit the neighborhood park. Within seconds, I'm on a quiet, paved path that makes me feel like I'm miles away from suburbia.

There are mature trees, dirt paths, a winding, babbling creek, flowers, and giant ants. Well, not REAL ants. The kind you climb on :)

Once you get through the paths, it opens up into a huge open-spaced park with a soccer field, volleyball court and basketball court, swing sets and jungle-gyms. Its awesome!

It takes me 45 minutes to do this loop (told ya I was slow). So its not a big interruption and just the ticket when I need a break from the computer to clear my mind. Now that spring is here, I'm so excited to have the perfect 3-mile run right in my backyard!


Moonlight Sonata said...

Ok - when I'm ready to start running again, I'm going to run with you! First - you have the perfect run in your part of our humble town, and Second - you run about my speed! :)
Love the pictures!

Terra said...

Oh it looks lovely! My run would be passed gas stations and - well I suppose I could do the trail and run by the highschool...

Tara said...

Once I get this baby out I'm coming to your neighborhood! What a beautiful run. The view from my neighborhood is the scenic landfill. And the smell is awesome :)

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