Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's your special mom superpower?

Every mom has that one amazing gift that makes them unique and special. Actually, we have many (!) but there are usually a few that are almost superhuman-like. Are you insanely patient? A serious multi-tasker? Can you whip up a gourmet meal in minutes? Are you good at calming kids when they are scared?

Mine is being creative and getting into that playful space. I once dressed up in a chicken suit to greet guests at a kid's party. One time, while waiting for my 11 year old to get stitches in the ER, I made a doll out of tongue depressors, gauze, and cotton balls and acted out scenes. I throw an ornament party every holiday and teach kids how to make people out of clothespins. Where that talent came from I'll never know. Recognize the people above? If you guessed Michael Phelps, Barack Obama and Harry Potter - you have a good eye for what celebrities might look like if they were made out of wood, beads and felt. I am also a workhorse. Being a single-parent for 10 years will do that to you. I couldn't get thru level one on Mario Bros if my life depended on it and I'm at a loss for how to make a birthday cake from scratch, but I've given up on trying to be perfect at everything when it comes to parenting. I've learned to be proud of the few things I do well and just try my best at the rest.

What is your super power? You know you have one. Only you can recognize when something so hard for the rest of us comes gracefully easy to you. What is that one thing?

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Amelia Smith said...

my arms and legs stretch :) no, i'll have to think about this one. i am usually reminding myself to be better at this, that or the other, and i don't stop to think about what i am already awesome at. thanks for stirring up the thought process pot :)
it is very apparent that you are the ultimate super power mommy though; so busy, yet successful and take the time to enjoy your children! i'm happy i found you! i'll be adding you to "my favorites" for sure :)

Melissa said...

my "special mom superpower"? I never lose socks in the laundry. I know it's minor but I'm probably the only mom who has this power:)

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