Friday, April 30, 2010

Guest post by my son - Family Reunions

My 14 year-old son, Noah, is guest blogging for me today. This is his first blog post!

(photo by miadelie)

Family reunions in Minnesota are a blast. Each is different at first, but they get better and better the more you go. Every summer me and my Dad fly or drive up to Minnesota, and every trip we make is a completely different experience. We always choose a resort, or a couple of cabins and they have to be by a lake. Because what good is going to the land of 10,000 lakes if you don’t see a lake while you’re there? Water sports are some of the most fun you can have, whether its tubing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, knee boarding or any other kind of water sport. Almost all of them happen in Minnesota. Whenever I get to the cabin where we are staying, I have all of about two minutes to get my things unpacked before I get an invite to go tubing.

Tubing is my personal favorite because it can be rough, or it can be a smooth, enjoyable ride. Normally I choose a rough ride because there is so much competition. If you fall off the tube last, you are entitled to bragging rights. And being from Colorado, I am almost always the first one to fall off.

Another thing that I love about going to Minnesota is that everything is very relaxed. Shoes and socks are almost non-existent, and feel strange to put on after a week of going barefoot. I have so many memories there that I will never forget. And I am sure that going up to Minnesota would not be the same without family. That is why they are called family reunions.


Thanks, Noah! Do you have regular family reunions? Share some of your favorite experiences in my BlogFrog discussion here!


Lucy and Ethel said...

Wow - you could have a joint blog like Ethel and me :)

Great job for a first post! Makes me want to find some family in Minnesota....


Rebecca said...

Makes me want to go to Minnesota. You're a great writer, Noah!

Your dad's gonna love this post!

Mandy said...

Great first post Noah. Hope you enjoy Minnesota this summer

Becky Smith said...

Thanks, Noah, for your Minnesota musings; I know your parents are proud.

I've lived in MN and have family there, so I agree with you completely about what a great state it is.

Looking forward to hearing from you again!

Anonymous said...

好問才能博學。 ..................................................

Anonymous said...


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