Sunday, September 5, 2010

Turn Off The Computer And Go Outside And Play

How many times have we nagged our kids to get out from behind the electronics and go play outside? It was a gorgeous weekend in Colorado and I caught myself in the throes of a mile-long to-do list that would have kept me busy (and on the computer) through Thanksgiving. When it finally dawned on me what a beautiful day I was missing, I abandoned the list, called a friend, and made plans to head up to the mountains. We headed west to Rocky Mountain National Park, a quick 45 minute drive away.

Within an hour, we were hiking on trails with incredible views,

.....walking through shady pine trails,

.....listening to the therapeutic babble from streams,

.....and waterfalls,

Estes Park Stream from Holly Hamann on Vimeo.

.....sticking our feet in icy pools,

.....appreciating (or mocking) historic relics,

.....sneaking up on wildlife,

.....getting in for a closer look,

..... and eating ice cream from a malt shop with bar stools like these:

Before you get too impressed with my Grizzly Adams impression, just know I did bring my iphone and tweeted the whole time :)


Kelly Stone said...

Holly, your photos are beautiful. So now if I do not get off the computer and go outside I have at least seen what it looks like out there.

Modista Modesta said...

How wonderful. My BIL lives in Loveland and I loved visiting them to visit Estes park. Gorgeous land up there.

Amiko said...

Hi Holly,

I'm following you on Tweet now...^^

Amiko Maegan said...

Oh it's so true ...I even find it difficult to get away from my computer and into my backyard pool and even when I do I bring my iphone and twitter while tanning. It's great advice to take sometimes. Breaks are so necessary. Your photos are gorgeous!

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