Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mobile blogging here I come!

I am an avid Twitter user and one of my favorite apps is TwitPic, a
site that let's you attach pictures to your tweets, even from your
mobile phone. If Twittering while on-the-go is so fun, mobile blogging must be a blast. So I am testing out Blogger's Mail-to-Blogger feature to see how easy it is to post and add photos to my blog. So here goes.

Easy enough to go into settings, click on Email, and get my secret
email address to send posts. I added it to my phone contacts for quick
posting. Now I'm typing this entire post on my iPhone (no small feat).
The subject line of the email becomes your blog post title and the
body of the email is your post. Be sure to remove any auto-text from
the bottom or it'll show up in your post. I'm attaching a photo -taken
from my phone, and this should appear in the post if it's 250k or less
in size.

(real time update - just learned that, like TwitPic, I may need to
have taken the picture first). So no pic on this one, will test that

Time to hit send and see how this works!

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