Monday, June 14, 2010

Supersize Me: a trip to Costco

I must admit, I have a fascination with Costco. I grew up in a rural area in Maryland and the nearest grocery story was about 30 minutes away. We had a little general store a few miles away where you could get bread and fishing bait but we only stopped there if we really had to. It was such a small town, my mom could pick something up and pay for it another day. So to wander through a Costco and see the ginormous, economy sizes that products come in is super entertaining.

We make a run to Costco every few months and I decided to take pics of the more amusing items on our last trip.

Who doesn't love an entire an isle of desserts as long as a football field?

My favorite section - CHEESE (p.s. I follow @tillamook on Twitter)!

That's a lot of BBQs

I don't get why apples need their own individual nook. That's a bit overboard.

Can you see the size, 72 oz? That's 4.5 pounds of chocolate chips!

You can't see the weight but this box makes 6 batches of brownies. Yes, we bought one :)

I'm holding 220 servings of oatmeal here.

70 bags of sunflowers seeds. That's a lotta ballgames.

25 pounds of pinto beans.

Even the books are large! That is not a trick shot, that book is about 2.5 feet tall.

Each case has 12 bottles so that's 60 hours of energy!

Um, 190 servings of fiber? I can't even begin to figure out how many apples that is. If you ate all that, you will need a lot of this:

And of course, everything about Costco is super-sized, including the total:

p.s. we didn't buy everything shown in the pictures, I just thought they were funny. It would take me years to eat 25 lbs of pinto beans and 220 servings of oatmeal. Unless you mixed it with the 4.5 pounds of chocolate chips and made cookies. Then maybe.


AshleyOney said...

HAHA I love Costco! But I find myself avoiding going there because I can never seem to leave with less than $150 of stuff. Love their prices on movies though :)

Anonymous said...

We love Costco :) and that oatmeal LOL I only buy it there.

Anonymous said...

Heh when I used to go to Costco with my Mom (I live in NZ - no Costco here!!) I was just amazed by all the food. I think it's worth remembering they started as a supplier to restaurants and other commercial interests, and those superbulk foods really weren't meant for household consumption!! Great deals, though.
Visiting from SITS!

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