Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is that like riding in cars with boys?

My blogging friend CrayonWrangler has a hilarious blog and she is as funny in person as she is online. Usually, people are that funny because a) they had too much dental work as a child, b) they have overcome challenges that forced them to find the humor in life c) they were trained as comedians. I suspect she is a mixture of all three.

Anyway, since I am on a new kick to do 30 posts in 30 days and hadn't figured out what to write about today, I'm going to join her link-up. She is asking us to share our tips on Cooking With Small Children. My kids are teenagers but I since that is such an awkward stage, I suspect the same rules apply. So here are my handful of tips for cooking with small children:

1. Don't let them wear necklaces, scarves, party hats, or anything dangley that could catch on fire or get caught in the oven door.

2. Don't just say "sure, you can lick the spoon" without first checking to make sure its just cookie dough and not straight vanilla, cayenne pepper, raw pork sausage, baking soda, or tiki torch fuel.

3. Don't measure things in a small glass and leave on the counter. Water, vodka, and distilled vinegar all look the same in a Mickey Mouse juice cup. Just sayin...

4. Don't stick utensils in the toaster to get stuff out even if you think they are not looking. They ARE looking and they WILL try it later when you are not around.

5. Teach them that just because Play-Doh looks like pretty marzipan, doesn't mean it tastes the same.

6. Lastly, tell them to leave the trucks, cars and other toys in the living room or they might end up like this.

Yes, that is a cast iron Hummer frozen in a block of ice.


TIFFANY said...

Ha! I have caught my kids sticking things in the toaster. I blame their dad.

Crayon Wrangler said...

Thank you so much for joining my bloghop and for the wonderful shout out! (Yes...it's all 3)

These were hilarious tips and SO true! I loved the added picture of the Hummer in a block of ice! Classic!

Next week will be "Traveling with children" Hope to see you there!

Karies place said...

Hi, I saw that you had visited my blog. I hope you come visit again.:)

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