Sunday, March 6, 2011

Making the switch to Wordpress and new blog name

I have been meaning to switch my blog over to a self-hosted Wordpress site for at least a year now. I started my blog on Blogspot back in 2007 when it was a casual pastime and I mainly wanted a place to express my thoughts about marketing, the tech space, and life in general. But I've gotten more serious about content management, SEO and design so I'm finally making the switch.

One of the reasons the switch got stalled was because the domain name was taken and I didn't want some extended version of the name (like Not sure why I was particularly picky about that but that was how I felt. So I took the opportunity to step back and actually give my blog a new name, too.

I graduated college with a degree in Mathematics but have always found the non-linear aspects of life (like love) to be just as interesting. So my new blog is meant to cover everything in between. I plan to write more about topics I have tended to keep to myself but that are very important to me. Like the books I read, travel, being an entrepreneur, flying (I've been flying single-engine prop planes for over 15 years but never written about it), and my pursuit of general self-awareness and purpose.
I will start officially blogging on the new site in the next few weeks. Take a sneak peek at Love and Math! I am still monkeying with the design so its likely to look a lot different by the time I make the final switch but you can see the first version. I have been incredibly lucky to be getting design and tech help from my long-time friend, designer, and blogger Jedd Rose. I've known Jedd for years and he is hands-down my favorite designer in the world. He helped me get my original blog set up and I've hired him professionally for at least three companies I've helped run.

If you've been following me here at BreadCrumz or just happened to stop by today, I hope you will join me over at my new blogging home, Love and Math. I'll be sure to leave a post up here so you'll know where to find me!


Lucy and Ethel said...

Love the new look!

'Ethel' and I are in for a makeover of sorts as soon as our guy has some time. Maybe he'll figure out how to toss in a brain cell or two while he's at it....

Enjoy WP!


Kimberly Gauthier said...

Congrats on the move. I moved over to Wordpress in 2010 and love it and I've learned so much about it over the past year.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Amy B. said...

You'll love Wordpress. And the new site looks great!

Dagmar said...

Wishing you all the best with your new blog! I'll make sure to visit :) I've always been on a self-hosted Wordpress blog, so if you have questions, I'd love to help out if I can.

Thank you for all you do for BlogFrog and creating such an awesome, impressive community. My blog and I have benefited from all the great things you offer - and it keeps getting better!

All my best,
Dagmar's momsense

Anonymous said...

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